Sunday, July 23, 2006

M at the Air Show

M and I went to an Air Show today. It was hot and sunny. My wife says it was only 91 degrees, but I know it was hotter then that.

M. did very well with the heat, as long as she had cold treats. She drank two bottles of water, one ice cream sundae, and a small bowl of flavored ice.

Now that I think about it, she didn't eat *all* the flavored ice. While we were watching the Blue Angels, she shoveled dirt into her ice bowl and stirred it with her plastic spoon. She said she was making ice soup for the ants

M. upside down in one of the rides they had for the kids.

M. sitting in a cockpit. The pilot was in the other seat and showed M. how to steer the plane. When he asked her if she wanted to be a pilot, she said "No, I want to be a storm chaser". She got a big kick out of being in the airplane.

Blue Angels. Posted by Picasa

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