Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Another break from the kids

Last week, my wife put a lot of time in at work. She delivered a few babies, was 'on call' Friday night, did 'urgent care' Saturday and spent some quality time with her younger sister who just had her second baby. Basically, I did not get a decent break away from the kids till Sunday afternoon. I didn't even get much for running time in.

So, Sunday I felt the need to do something solitary, sweaty, and probably foolish. With the thermometer in the car at 104 degrees I took 2 bottles of water, 3 cans of diet mountain dew, a stick of sun screen and kayaked down the middle of a shallow local lake. It was very quiet. There was no wind (which is unusual where I live). Every once in a while a turtle head or a carp fin would break the through the surface of the water. The kayak kept wanting to drift to the right as I paddled. It was paradise. After I drank the last diet dew, I knew I had to come back to shore. I did not realize how much I had sweat until after I took my life jacket off. It felt good though, like just getting out of a sauna. When I got home, even the sight of the in-laws sweaty/hairy bare feet on my furniture, was not enough to upset me.

I signed up to run the Walt Disney Marathon in Florida this January. This will be my first marathon and it will be on my birthday (January 7). Currently, I run 10 miles every other day, but in the next few months will be working on increasing my millage even further. I am not a natural / fast runner though, my pace is a consistent 10 mins/mile.

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