Saturday, August 5, 2006


Tomorrow, I am off to Minneapolis for a much needed break. Tomorrow I will be listening to some books on CD, staying at a nice hotel, maybe get a massage. Definitely going to Kierens Pub for some live music. Although I will meet a friend on Sunday, I will be by myself. Between the constant chatter/demands of the girls and my wife's scheduling, I crave quiet, freedom and the ability to sleep in past 8 AM.

The kids....

M. (5 years old) just finished her final week of YMCA day camp. She is so tired when she comes home. Yesterday she went to sleep on her bed at 6PM and didn't wake up till this morning. She is having a good time at camp though and is reciting the songs she has learned. Also, she one the award for the "Most Polite" camper.

I worry about M. more then the other two. She is very competitive and when she is not the best/center of attention, she takes it personally. For instance, I make the kids pick up their toys every night before bed. If after cleaning, I tell E. that she is a "good cleaner" then M. will get upset and say "I'm a good cleaner too". Even if M. did not do a good job cleaning that night, I tell her that she is a "good cleaner" otherwise she will sulk.

E. (3 years old) is excited about starting pre-school. Except that she calls it her "3 year old kindergarten". We drove by her pre-school three times this week. M. tells her what she will be doing at pre-school and she asks questions like "Will there be Oreo's there?". She doesn't get the chance to play with other kids her age very often, so this will be good for her. I am not worried about her social skills though. She is the type that just attracts the other kids.

C. (14 months old) is the happiest toddler you can expect to see. I credit myself for this, because she is our first daughter to never set foot in a daycare. Her favorite words are "Hi Daddy" and "Tickle Tickle Tickle". M. taught her how to give raspberries and this she does with excitement.

C. is doing better with her allergies and her eczema has cleared up quite a bit. One thing that helped is that I bought a "Roomba" which is a small round robot vacuum cleaner. It sweeps my kitchen floors twice a day and removes any crumbs that C. otherwise would find. My table / counters are a mess, but the floor is spotless. We saw a dietitian about her diet earlier this week. I will have to write a post just about that sometime soon.

Have a good weekend everyone.

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